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Our Smart Interactive Whiteboards empower educators, and professionals to create, connect, and innovate like never before. Elevate your teaching, presentations, and meetings with our cutting-edge technology.
With over a decade of consistent top-notch products and installation services, Hyperthread Innovative has become a preferred Smart Board Partner in Nigeria.



To lead the industry by making interactive whiteboards integral in every classroom and boardroom, transcend boundaries and driving progress.


To consistently exceed our customers' expectations by delivering exceptional service, and customized solutions.


We strive to make interactive technology accessible and enrich lives through innovative smart interactive whiteboards.


Empowering you to achieve better outcomes.

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Our hands-on planning, installation and support services ensure full-team adoption of user-friendly and scalable AV solutions.

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We are a new business experiencing significant growth.
We’re focused on values, family, growth, and excellence. We believe in the solutions we sell. Each of us is here because we have a passion for solving our customer’s challenges.

Hyperthread's History.

2001 – Pioneering Innovation

In 2001, we embarked on a journey to bring cutting-edge technology to Nigeria’s classrooms and boardrooms. Recognizing the transformative power of interactive whiteboards, we laid the foundation for our commitment to education and business communication in Nigeria.

February 20, 2022: Establishing the Core Team
The core team was assembled, comprising individuals with extensive experience and expertise in logistics, supply chain management, and technology. Together, we laid the foundation for the company’s operations, defining its values, and shaping its strategic direction.

2005 – Revolutionizing Learning

The year 2005 marked a significant milestone as we introduced the first Interactive Whiteboards to Nigeria. We were instrumental in changing the way teachers taught and students learned, fostering an environment of active engagement and dynamic education.

2010 – Empowering Educators and Corporates

As the demand for interactive whiteboards grew, we expanded our product range to cater to diverse educational and corporate needs. Our solutions found their way into institutions and businesses across Nigeria, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

2015 – Bridging Geographic Divides

In 2015, we embraced the digital age by offering cloud-based solutions. This step enabled seamless collaboration and content sharing across Nigeria’s vast landscape, ensuring that knowledge flowed without boundaries.

2020 – Adapting to Changing Times

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we swiftly adapted our products to support remote teaching and virtual meetings. Our commitment to Nigeria’s educators, professionals, and families remained steadfast, helping them stay connected during challenging times.

Today – Shaping Nigeria’s Future

Today, we are a cornerstone in Nigeria’s educational and corporate landscape. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction continues to drive us forward. We remain committed to providing interactive solutions that inspire creativity, foster collaboration, and drive progress in Nigeria.

Tomorrow – A Future of Possibilities

As we look to the future, our commitment to Nigeria’s growth and development remains unwavering. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology, pushing the boundaries of what interactive whiteboards can achieve. Together with Nigeria, we will shape a future where interactive excellence knows no bounds.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in Nigeria’s interactive journey. Join us in building a brighter, more interactive future for education and communication in Nigeria.